service tax payment due date

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  1. jayesh shah

    jayesh shah New Member

    i want to know waht is due date for payment of service tax for a prtnership firm whose
    last year taxable turnover was above Rs. 1.00 Cr.
    I want to know whether it is monthly or quarterly.
  2. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    In case of Partnership Firms, the service tax collected shall be deposited with the Govt. before 5th of the following month after the end of the quarter.

    i.e. the due dates for payment of service tax in case of partnership firm are 5th July, 5th Oct, 5th Jan and 5th April

    However, if the payment is being made online, the due date becomes 6th instead of 5th.
  3. The service tax payment due date for every quarter is 5th (offline payment) or 6th (online payment) of the following month of every quarter end.

    For the quarter Apr-Jun - 5th or 6th July
    For the quarter Jul-Sep - 5th or 6th Oct
    For the quarter Oct-Dec - 5th or 6th Jan

    The due date for the last quarter Jan-Mar is 31st March (both online and offline).
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