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  1. mrinmoy8

    mrinmoy8 New Member

    I am an employee of a proprietorship firm (travel company) and simultaneously I have started my own proprietary firm of IT software services from last one year.

    So, I applied for Serivce Tax online in the same address where I am staying currently (rented). While registration I chose,
    Constitution Of applicant : Proprietorship
    Category of Registrant : Service Provider
    Nature of registration : Registration of a single premise
    Taxable services provided : Information technology software service

    After registration, I got acknowledgement saying,
    "New assessee seeking registrations in Service Tax should submit to the jurisdictional Range Officer, a
    print out of the application form submitted online duly signed by the authorized signatory along with copies of the following documents :
    (a) copy of PAN,
    (b) Proof of residence,
    (c) Constitution of applicant at the time of filing an application for registration, and
    (d)Power of attorney would be required in respect of authorized person(s)."

    I have some doubts.
    1. Did I fill the form correctly?
    2. What is Constitution of applicant at the time of filing an application for registration?
    3. What is Power of attorney in respect of authorized person(s)?
    Can anyone help me out here.
  2. Yes you filled it correctly. You can submit the print-out of the filled form to the range officer in your jurisdictional along with PAN copy, proof of address.

    Constitution means the type of business (proprietary, partnership firm, limited company, etc.)

    Unless you authorise some other person as authorised signatory, you need not to submit the Power of Attorney.
  3. mrinmoy8

    mrinmoy8 New Member

    Are those two documents also required? What documents should I submit in support of those two? How can I prepare them?

  4. As a proprietor, you need not to submit them. Just submit PAN and address proof.
  5. mrinmoy8

    mrinmoy8 New Member

    Ok. Thanks.

    How should I submit it? By hand or by post? Nothing is mentioned in the acknowledgement. Do I need to pay any charge for it?
  6. You can submit either by post or by hand. No charge.
  7. mrinmoy8

    mrinmoy8 New Member

    Thank you..
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  8. Pankaj Arora

    Pankaj Arora New Member

    One of my friend also had the same issue, He contacted a website named The team helped him to get the ST Registration smoothly
    Hope it helps
  9. mrinmoy8

    mrinmoy8 New Member

    Do the documents need to be self attested?
  10. Yes
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