Service tax registration in case of export of services

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  1. jaypowar

    jaypowar New Member

    I am a software consultant working for a us client . I receive payments in USD through wire transfer and my fees exceeds more than 10 lakhs per annum . I think i am not liable to pay the service tax as the services i provide come under "export of services". In such a scenario , do i need to have service tax registration ? , if yes do i need to make nil payment as return ?
  2. No, you are not mandatory required to apply for Service Tax Registration.

    In case you do apply, you can would be required to file a return and claim exemption as you are exporting services outside India.
  3. jaypowar

    jaypowar New Member

    Thanks Kajal , i still have one query ,
    Shouldn't i be applying for "NIL" returns rather than file a return and claim exemption in case i register ?
  4. While filing Service Tax Return, you will have to mention the value of services provided and then also mention that these services are exempted from the levy of service tax as they are being exported out of india
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