Service Tax Return and Incorrect Calculations

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  1. shweta_ss

    shweta_ss New Member


    I was wondering if someone can provide detailed instructions about the ST3 return filing process. I am having difficulty understanding all the rows and columns and what belongs where. It would be a huge help!

    Also, it seems that I miscalculated the service tax that I paid in March by Rs. 600. How can I amend it and pay the extra that I owe?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. Sumit Agarwal

    Sumit Agarwal Active Member

    The amount of Rs.600 to be paid alongwith interest (18%) with the new challan It cannot be amended.
  3. shweta_ss

    shweta_ss New Member


    Thanks a lot! Do I have to then pay it as a penalty while selecting the code? Or do I just pay it as usual?

  4. you have to pay Rs. 600 as per related service tax code and select different code for interest
  5. shweta_ss

    shweta_ss New Member

    Thanks, Avinash. Appreciate!
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