Service Tax Return required to be filed if No Payment received?

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  1. r_subra

    r_subra New Member


    1. I am a Consultant and I got my Service Tax Registration before 30th September 2016.
    2. But I did not receive any payment my client till 30th September, 2016.
    3. Am I required to file Nil Service Tax Return for the Quarter ending 30th September, 2016.
    4. I have received the payment from my client in October 2016.

    Thanks & Regards,
  2. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    Yes, you would be required to file Service Tax Return in the above mentioned case
  3. Shivangi Garg

    Shivangi Garg Member

    Yes Sir you have to file a NIL return of service tax for April to September 2016.
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