service tax slab

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  1. sir /mam i want to know the slab rate of service tax, means apply for service tax number
    thank s in advance for valuable suggestion
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    There is no slab rates in Service Tax.

    Service Tax is levied at a flat rate of 12.36%

    In certain cases, abatement is also allowed.
  3. Shishir Nayak

    Shishir Nayak Member

    agree with @rudrabose

    There are no slab for service tax
    service tax number consist of 15 digit and format of the same is
    1st 10 digit PAN no of Assesse
    11th and 12th digit service tax code (either ST or SD)
    13th 14th 15th digit serial no for service tax no. alloted to a single pan card
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  4. sir thanks for reply sir my question is if any one cross 10 lakh biz he have to take service tax number it s increase from 10 lakh or not
  5. Shishir Nayak

    Shishir Nayak Member

    No changes in Small Service Provider exemption in new budget. Now its same as earlier.
  6. in previous yr if tonver cross 10 lakh limit service tax number is compulsary
    it is icrease from 10 to 15 lakh
  7. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    @nikhil p surve

    No, there is no change as such. The limit is the same i..e Rs. 10 Lakhs
  8. thanks for reply
    i want to know PT paid it shoud be certified by CA it is compulsary.
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