Service Tax & VAT on under construction property

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  1. Shyam Putnala

    Shyam Putnala New Member


    I've purchased an independent house, which is under construction, in a gated community, gram panchyayat location, Hyderabad. This is an owner's plot, and there is an MoU between the owner and the builder. Request you provide me with the information on Service Tax and VAT applicability in this case. I heard that either or both of these taxes are either avoidable and/or can be reduced. Now that I am closer to the registration, I need to know how to go about avoid these fees. Please throw light on these taxes. I appreciate your assistance in this case.
  2. Yashveer Jain

    Yashveer Jain Member

    VAT provisions depend on each state. Also the applicability of these taxes are subject to various conditions. In such cases would suggest you to speak to your local CA before registration and payment. Also always speak to your CA before investing or selling the property.

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