Service Tax

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  1. Dear All ,
    I have a propreitory concern of salon and spa , and have taken Service Tax registration in the year 2010 , but due to some oversight I have been unable to file a single return till date , I have also not charged service tax to any of my client till date ,
    My average monthly turnover of sales of products will be in the range of around Rs 50,000-00 per month .My total average services turnover per month is about Rs 1,50,000-00
    What are the penalties and due amount and interest that i am liable to pay and is there any exemption that i can avail of ?
    Most of my services are through cash and i also have swipe facility and hence the balance of my business is through bank for which all records are available with me .
    I have also not filed my Income Tax returns till date from the year 2010 .
    Kindly treat this as urgent and help me out with your replies
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