Short Term Capital Gain Tax on part sale of Shares

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  1. Ravinder Chahal

    Ravinder Chahal New Member

    I purchase some shares of company listed in BSE in Decemober 2014. Current value of shares is INR 800/ Share. Now I want to sell out 200 shares as I need some cash in urgent. For the same I want to know if I will be liable for short term capital gain tax and how much it will be. Apart from this what will be additional taxes on this transaction.

    I am NRI and having my shares in NRI demat account of ICICI securities limited. Please advise as I am much confused regarding applicable taxes.

  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Short Term Capital Gains Tax on sale of such shares would be levied @ 15%
  3. Ravinder Chahal

    Ravinder Chahal New Member

    Hi, Thanks for reply. So this will be deducted on source i.e. immediate on transaction or I have to declare it later.
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