Should a CA Student opt for Dummy or Regular Articleship

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  1. Raunak Rajpal

    Raunak Rajpal New Member

    QUES-1 Is there any career/luxuries in chartered accountancy field anymore....?
    (In today's environment , a CA is earning the same as a MBA or an Engineer does. If YES , then why we are supposed to work so hard if we can earn a same living with being a MBA.)
    I am basically concerned with my earnings and want to have luxuries
    Today , every other person is becoming a CA and is earning A PACKAGE OF Rs 6,00,000 per annum on an average( as per survey ).

    QUES-2 a) If answer to above mentioned question is NO and YOU DON`T AGGREE, then what else i am supposed to do...?
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    1. Yes, the starting salary of a CA Fresher is Rs. 6 Lakhs. But what about the avg starting salary of MBA's?
    2. There are CA's who earn Rs. 70 Lakhs p.a. as well and there are CA's who arent even able to find a job for Rs. 10,000 pm.
    3. The one's who are not even able to find job for Rs. 10,000 pm are the ones who dont know anything about how practical work is done and only have theoretical knowledge.
    PS: I couldnt understand the luxuries which you are expecting from Coaching Classes. Please elaborate
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  3. Raunak Rajpal

    Raunak Rajpal New Member

    Dear Rudra Sir ,

    First of all , i would like to thank you for sparing your valuable time and consideration and please accept my kind apologies for such a delay in replying.
    I would like to drag your attention to the career options a CA can have and are listed as follows:-


    i). JOB: In today's world , the profession of a CA has
    Has no bargaining power. If a company needs a chartered to work as an employee , there are no. Of chartered applicants and increasing consistently with time.

    If i start with my own firm , it will pull me back for a minimum of 4 years for developing goodwill of my firm and in making my own clients.
    Moreover , after these 4 years i would be able to earn ONLY MY SURVIVAL/LIVING.

    In today's time , the metro cities have well established coaching centres. (excluding online classes).
    According to my personal thinking , after becoming a CA , I can work under some coaching center for a period of 2 years. These 2 years will bring me my own goodwill (personal G.W and not firm's G.W). After these 2 years i can pull out some of professors or employ some under myself and can start my own coaching center or i can move to non-metro cities and start with my own coachings

    I personally believe that after
    2. Temples

    "" education is 3.rd major and most profitable field""

    Please kindly consider this reply as a humble request and pay due consideration to the career opportunity available at best and suggest accordingly....


  4. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Dear @Raunak Rajpal

    I appreciate the fact that you are thinking from a long term prospective.

    Moreover, what you are saying is 100% right. After qualification also you will have to work hard and the harder you work, the more you grow.

    And the points mentioned by you are absolutely correct. Here, I would only like to add that this happens in all the fields.

    If you are comparing this to MBA, the same happens in their field as well. Infact the slog that they do after qualification is more than the slog CA's do after qualification. But yeah, the slog is there in all the cases.

    I would advise you to have a word with people who have qualified MBA and are working in a good corporate job so as to better understand their industry as well.
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  5. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    With respect to the 3 options mentioned by you i.e. Practice/ Job/ Coaching - all the 3 are very lucrative and high paying professions.

    I would advise you to keep all fields open for the time being and decide after qualifying CA.

    PS: In our profession, there are people who earn millions and there are people who are finding it difficult to earn their bread and butter. It all depends on the person.
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  6. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    I agree with @Raunak Rajpal that a CA only has 3 options i.e. Job/Practice/Coaching and none of them are lucrative in terms in money in the initial few years....

    But I think that in the long term - all 3 prospects are good in terms of monetary return.... And all 3 of them are also respectable professions...
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