Showing Pension amount in IT return

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  1. Vaibz

    Vaibz New Member


    My Mom receives Family pension (on behalf of my Dad who expired few yrs back) and also her own individual pension, since she was also in Govt. service. My queries are:

    1) Until now, when she filed returns every year via her CA, he would show total of both these pensions under 'Income from Other Sources'. This year I am filing her return, and based on what I read, I feel her individual pension should come under 'Salary' and Family Pension under 'Income from other sources'. Is that correct, or should I do it the same way her CA has been doing?

    2) I'll be claiming 15000 deduction on Family pension under Section 57(iia). But I don't see any option to claim this section in ITR 1 form. So does it mean I should compute Family pension - 15000 deduction = Adjusted Pension amount, and simply enter this adjusted amount in ITR form?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Vaibz

    Vaibz New Member

    Thanks Shilpa. Any suggestions about my 2nd query?
  3. nafeesa

    nafeesa Member

    in continuation to shilpa's answer, file ITR 2A and claim RS.15000/- deduction from family pension separately.
    As ITR 1 is not applicable in your is only for income from salary & interest not for other than interest
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