Signature of Chairman of Co-operative Society on Balance Sheet

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  1. MitulShah

    MitulShah New Member

    Dear Experts,

    Can anybody Guide me on signature requirement on Balance Sheet & Income and Expenditure account of Co-operative Society.

    As the chairman is refusing to sign on Balance Sheet, i need to know whether it will be a violation of the act and byelaws under Society Act?

    Please Guide
  2. nikhil9090

    nikhil9090 Member

    Every co-operative society shall maintain accounts and books for the purpose of recording business transactions by it and close them every year on 31st march by the 30th April. Each closing entry in the cashbook, in each ledger account shall be signed by the president, the secretary and the treasurer or any other approved members of the society authorized by the managing committee the closing balance, which are thus authenticated, shall be carried forward to the following year commencing on the 1st April. For the purposes of calling the annual generated body meeting as provided in section 29.
  3. Company Formation

    Company Formation New Member

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