Stamp Paper for Article Registration

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  1. gayathri

    gayathri New Member

    Dear Advisors,

    I have cleared IPCE (both groups) of the exam held on Nov, 2013. I have joined a firm and at the time of my joining there was vacancy for one article as other article's termination was on 23-3-2014 but due to some problems he could not able to execute Form 108 on the termination date. Thus, on 24-4-2014 I executed form 102 on a stamp paper as 30-4-2014 was the last date. Now i.e. on 28-6-2014 the other article has sent the Form 108 to ICAI along with fine for delay.
    Please let me know the stamp paper which I executed on 24-4-2014 is valid? As his name was not removed from the list of articles which my principle had till current date?

    Please reply me as soon as possible
  2. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    Dear @gayathri

    Please check the date of termination of articleship mentioned by the previous article in Form 108 which he submitted on 28-06-2014.

    If the date mentioned in Form 108 of the previous article is 23-3-2014, he would be terminated from back date and your articleship registration will remain valid...
  3. gayathri

    gayathri New Member

    Thank you so much for your advise
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