Suggest MF for 15+ Yrs investment for my daughter

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  1. ashu2603

    ashu2603 New Member


    I have been investing in MF SIP for last 5 years.
    When I started searching for MF for my elder daughter I came across few MF meant for children education or related goals. However, retruns in these funds were not very attractive hence, I opted for a balanced fund SIP.

    Now again for my younger daugther (3 Months) I would like to invest in a MF SIP and I would like to know a good fund for long term investment. I won't be withdrawing any amount atleast for next 15 years. However, since the period is longer I don't mind for high risk MF like equity funds.

    So would you please suggest a good MF for this horizon and throw some light on MF specifically made for children as compared to equity/balanced MF?

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