T.D.S. Mismatch ? Don't Worry...,

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    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    T.D.S. Mismatch,..

    Hereinafter A.O. shall not denies the Refund, on the ground of TDS Mismatch as per Form 26-AS.

    As per judgement given by the Allahabad High Court, Denying of Refund, on ground of TDS Mismatch leads to Harassment, Inconvenience, and Cheated to the Assessee. As the Actual Mistake lies with the Deductor.

    However Assessee, should bring the matter of Less refund paid to the A.O with the requisite details.

    If further A.O. denies, than Department shall pay the cost of Rs. 25,000; and pay the Refund within 3 weeks with the Interest.

    In above situation, A.O. shall not delay the Refund, by checking the Deductor part of Depositing TDS at Government A/c, especially in case of Government Deductor.

    Refer :- http://www.simpletaxindia.net/2014/06/tds-credit-must-be-allowed-even-if-not.html
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