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  1. shaheenazk

    shaheenazk New Member

    suppose I sell a part of my residential land for 70 lacs. Can I get complete exemption from capital gains tax if I invest 50 lacs in NHAI or REC bonds and ALSO spend 20 lacs on renovation of my house? Also is payment of capital gains tax @10% without cost inflation indexation available as an option on such a sale?
  2. Anand Jain

    Anand Jain Member

    Yes, if you invest Rs. 50 Lakhs in NHAI/REC Bonds and Rs. 20 Lakhs in Renovation of house - your entire capital gains will get exempted
  3. shaheenazk

    shaheenazk New Member

    thanks for the reply. Can I pay capital gains tax @10% without indexation on such a sale?
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