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  1. sailor

    sailor New Member

    We are a newly form Resident Housing association formed under the karnatak ownership act.
    For Income tax purpose we are Association of Persons.

    We have appointed agencies for our maintenance of the Apartment complex
    Eg Security, Gardening, Maintenance of lifts etc etc.
    Are we supposed to deduct tan on any payments made to them??
    If yes
    1)at what rate.
    2) where do we deposit the tax amount.
    3) under what head.
    4) Do we need to register for TAN??
  2. mamta chaturvedi

    mamta chaturvedi New Member

    hello i am bhawna chaturvedi. i want to know how to give tax to share. i have open share account to 11,000. and i want to know what will i have to pay tax. pls suggest me. about in this.
  3. Dear Sailor

    Firstly You are required to have TAN ( By applying form 49B).
    And as per information given by you you are liable to deduct TDS on your payments (as specified by you) .
    as your payments are covered u/s 194c you are required to deduct TDS @1%( in case dedctee is individual or HUF) or 2% in other cases
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