Tax benefits under HRA by paying rent to HUF property

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  1. chintanbug

    chintanbug New Member

    Hello All,

    I would be glad if someone can clear my doubts


    - I am salaried person
    - I got my HUF PAN card too
    - My mother and father passed away
    - I am one and only child of my parents
    - I have property on my Mother's name
    - If I want to get the above property transferred on my Individual Name then i would be authorized signatory
    - If I want to get the above property transferred on my HUF name then I would be authorized signatory
    - The house comes under CO Operative Housing Society Ltd Act, thus we have a Share Certificate on which the name of the new owner gets amended on backside of it.

    What I am looking for?

    I want to get the TAX benefit by showing House rent which I (individual) would be paying to the HUF for above property.


    1) Will I have to transfer the house in the name of HUF?
    2) Do I need to pay registration/transfer charges if I get this property on HUF name? (Stamp Duty)
    3) Since in either case I have to sign to get the property transferred on my Individual or HUF name then can I make a NOTORISED agreement that I am allowing the property to be transferred to the name of HUF?

    Or please suggest.
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