Tax Deduction for Maintenance of House Property

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  1. Yatin Gandhi

    Yatin Gandhi Active Member

    1. You can use ITR 1 as you have Income from Salary and Income from 1 House Property
    2. Rs. 15,088 would be allowed as a deduction under Section 80C for Principal Repayment and Rs. 79759 would be allowed as deduction under Section 24 for Interest repayment
  2. Aruna Raut

    Aruna Raut New Member

    Thanks for your suggestion. Also please tell me that after filling ITR1 ONLINE whether I need to send the copy of iTR V to income tax department at bengalore ?

    Thanks in advance.
    Avdhut raut
  3. Manoj Mehra

    Manoj Mehra Active Member

    Yes, you have to send the copy to CPC, Bangalore office

    Authentication with Aadhar is proposed to be introduced but has not yet been introduced
  4. Aruna Raut

    Aruna Raut New Member

    Thank you very much

    Avdhut Raut
  5. Aruna Raut

    Aruna Raut New Member


    I stay at PG hostel in hyderabad on monthly rental basis. I have home in Navi Mumbai on which home loan is taken. Also I have given my Navi Mumbai home on rent. Following are the details of amount I am paying and receiving.

    My Navi Mumbai Home loan Interest amount = 79579
    My Navi Mumbai Home loan Principle amount = 15088
    My Navi Mumbai Home rent received amount = 6000/month( Oct 14 to Mar 15)= 36000
    My PG hostel rent Paid = 29600 ( for period Oct 2014 To Mar 2015)

    Please suggest me that ,
    1. on Govt income tax efilling website while filling ITR 1 online in income details and tax details page where and how should I show above amount ?
    2. Whether I need to send ITR V form to CPC banglore as I have information that AAdhar OTP authetication is started on 13 July 2015 ?
    3. where should I show rent received from one house property and rent paid for my hostel accomodation ?
    4. I have home loan life insurance taken while purchasing home. so bank also charges me monthly EMI for loan insurance which is showing in there annual statement. so where should I show this EMI amount while filling income tax ?

    Awaiting reply.

    Thanks in Advance,

    Avdhut Raut
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  6. Aruna Raut

    Aruna Raut New Member

  7. msvandana

    msvandana New Member

    I have another situation. I own a house in Delhi. My place of work is in another state and city.My house in Delhi is lying vacant in self occupied status. I claim HRA from my company for the rented house in different city and also claim interest rebate for home loan us/ 24(6). I want to know how I can claim tax rebate for maintenance charges which I pay for my house in Delhi as my NAV is NIL ? I DO PAY maintenance charges to society and have receipts for it. How do I claim the 30 percent rebate for repairs u/s 24(1) and also claim the interest rebate under 24(6) together.
  8. Kempanna Gundale

    Kempanna Gundale New Member

    Dear Sir,
    Good Morning,
    I leaving in pune. Also I am paying 1000 INR per month as maintenance charge to society. My question is that can I claim tax benefit against maintenance charge that I am paying to society and if yes then under which section ? please suggest..... Kempanna Gundale
  9. prolinc

    prolinc New Member

    1. Yes, you can claim tax benefit of both interest and principal.
    2. For maintainence, the govt allows a standard deduction of 30% irrespective of the maintainence charges paid. So the amount of Rs. 700 paid by you would itself get covered in 30% standard deduction ofthe rent received.
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