Tax Demand Notice under Section 143 and 154

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  1. amit_k_13

    amit_k_13 New Member

    I had received a letter under section 143 demanding Tax of Rs 16657 in March 2010

    I replied to the Demand note Stating I had paid the Tax along with the receipt.

    Then i received a letter under section 154 which was rectification of the order of March 2010 and

    a Final amount of Rs 990 was demanded which i paid and sent the receipt.

    Now even after 4 years my Profile is showing outstanding amount of Rs 15500 under section 143

    Want to know which is correct notice 143 or 154
  2. Rishit Shah

    Rishit Shah New Member

    The outstanding amount of Rs.15,550 is showing in which year?
  3. amit_k_13

    amit_k_13 New Member

    AY 2007-2008
  4. Aditi Gulati

    Aditi Gulati Active Member

    You should meet your income tax officer in person and discuss this problem with them and get it rectified.
  5. amit_k_13

    amit_k_13 New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    They have provided Online option for responding.

    There is a option of uploading the Rectified Order Online.

    My doubt is the amount is pending under Section 143 and the Rectified Order is Passed by section 154. Section 154 is the latest and in that the Amount payable by me was 990 which i had paid. If i upload the order of section 154 then will they cancel the previous demand of section 143.

    Please suggest
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