Tax exemption on Disability Pension Defence Forces

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  1. SS Malik

    SS Malik New Member

    Im a retired Defence personal earning disability pension. As per Govt notification my service element as well as The disability element is exempt from income tax and as such no TDS has been deducted by my bankers and nothing has been mentioned in form 26 AS. I wish to know which ITR form is to be filled and where to reflect my exempt pension as I find there is no provision of the same in either of the ITR form. Can any one please clarify and help. Thanks.
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    You are correct, there shall be no tax on above.
    You are also not required to file the return if your total taxable income is below maximum amount not liable to tax.

    ITR-2A can be used and income can be shown under schedule EI as exempted income.
  3. SS Malik

    SS Malik New Member

    Thanks ZED. I'm obliged.
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