Tax on Income earned by Indian Engineers in USA

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  1. suchita

    suchita New Member


    My Husband is working as a software Engineer In USA since Feb, 2013. He is on H1b working visa. We submitted tax return in India as we got some part of salary in india as well. But from jan 2014 all salary we received in USA. He has resident alien status In USA according to US Federal tax law. and we didn't visit india from jan 2014 to till and no planning to visit India this year. We already submitted return in april 2014 in india for the period of 1st april 2013 to 31st march 2014 and also in USA as well in Jan 2014 for the period of Feb 2013 to 31st dec 2013. Now we don't received any income in India. But we transfer some amount in India to our family from our USA income. Is this amount which we sent to india is taxable in India too ? and Do we need to submit ITR in India for year 2014-15?
    Thanks In advance :)
  2. Chandrashekar M

    Chandrashekar M Active Member

    You need not file the income tax returns only for the purpose of transferring money to your family members in india
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