Tax on Income received in Paypal from Ad Networks

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  1. Kumar4578

    Kumar4578 New Member

    thanks sir,

    How to fill ITR 4 form sir for online income?

    I download ITR4 form.It has twenty+pages i very confused about this form.

    i dont study CA. I am a engineering student.

    Help me.. Sir
  2. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    Dont worry !!!

    Its too early for you to be worried about all this.

    Focus on earning your income and once your income is above the taxable limits, you can start thinking about ITR
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  3. Kumar4578

    Kumar4578 New Member

    Thanks sir,

    Motivate me.

    When will i reach taxable limits.

    i will message u sir.

    i will need your help to file tax sir.
  4. I am (International Market) Forex Trading Signal's Provider and earning income(Please note that I am not investing any amount from India to abroad for Forex Trading) from Forex companies in the form of commissions and clients in the formof Monthly Fee. I send all earnings to my NETELLER, SKRILL and PAYPAL Accounts and I am withdrawing money to my bank accounts in India through NETELLER, SKRILL and PAYPAL.

    I understand that I am also not required to mention particulars about my income source details related to Forex Signal's Business, if I pay income tax regularly. Am I right sir.

    Is my Income Legal in this case?

    And can I Apply for Income Tax returns by using same ITR4(as income receiving from online business)
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