Tax on Tuition & Beauty Parlour Income

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    HIMKAS New Member

    1. income from tuition & beauty parlour service from home by a housewife- taxable under which head-- other souces or Busi/prof ?

    2. Which ITR form to use for the same? ITR 4 or ITR 1 or 2

    3. should it be shown under presumptive income sec 44ad- ITR4s sugam
  2. Prabal

    Prabal New Member

    Business/profession income
    ITR 4

    HIMKAS New Member

    but to show income till Rs 200000 (min non taxable) maintenance of books of a/cs would be necessary or not....

    HIMKAS New Member

    Thanks Prabal... but pl help and clarify for sec 44aa of manitenance of books of a/cs
  5. Deepak Pathak

    Deepak Pathak New Member

    what is service tax rate and abatement in case of beauty parlour ???
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