TDS Deduction on amt above 30000 or on total amount?

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  1. sir i want to know that how much TDS deduct on salary
    if it come under tax slab that time onliy tds deduct
    e.g this year slab is 2 lakh if he cross it than tds deducation is compusary

    by taken TAN number every payment made to
    service provider
    service render to client
    if bill cross the amt 30 thousand that time only deduct TDS or any amt bill issue or paid TDS should be deducated
    query for private limited comopany
  2. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    In case of salary to employee - you'll have to compute the total tax liability of the employee and deduct TDS accordingly.

    In case of other payments, the rate of TDS Deduction has already been specified and you would be required to deduct TDS at the specified rate on the full amount and not on the amount above Rs. 30,000
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