TDS in case of NO PAN

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  1. Hiiii

    If I have deducted TDS of an assesse @20% coz of not having PAN .
    Subsequently Assessee has applied for PAN How will he claim that TDS while filing his return, I have deposited.
    Because I have't mention his PAN as I don't had his PAN at that time???????

    Avinash Tiwari
  2. Shishir Nayak

    Shishir Nayak Member

    Yes You will get refund of tds when you file return but remeber you have to furnish PAN no while filling return. As I know your tds will be reflected in form no 26AS and u ll get the refund
  3. Sir I think you did't understand my Query.

    Say ABC ltd has deducted TDS of A person 'P' (in April 2013) @20% because of absence of P's PAN. and ABC ltd file tds return accordingly.
    But when P will file his IT return after 31st march 2014, then how will he claim that that TDS amount
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