TDS on house property

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  1. Bhartiya

    Bhartiya New Member

    I bought a flat in Pune in finacial Yr 2014-15 , i. .e. Ass. Yr 2015-16. I had deposited the TDS as
    required by the law. But my Form 26 AS does not show any details of the transaction.
    As I understand the seller is supposed to give the details of TDS deposited by me.
    Will I be penalised for it? What should I do. Have I to get a TAN for the TDS deposited?
    Please enlighten.
  2. V K Khanna

    V K Khanna Active Member

    The TDS deposited by you will not figure in your Form 26AS. It would figure in Form 26 AS of the seller who has to mention the TDS details in his return of income.

    Your responsibility ends by handing over Form 16B to the seller after the TDS is deposited by you.
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  3. Bhartiya

    Bhartiya New Member

    Thanks a lot. You have taken a heavy load off my head.
    Once again thanks to you and Charted Club also.
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