TDS on Property if there is no profit on Sale of Property?

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  1. Shanmukh

    Shanmukh New Member


    I had bought a property 2 years back for a value of 55 lacs. Now I am selling it almost at the same price (no profit/ no loss). Will the TDS be applicable if I sell it at say 55 Lacs..


  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Yes, TDS on Property would be applicable as the transaction value is more than 50 Lakhs.

    However, at the time of filing of the income tax return, you can disclose that you didnt earn profit and your tax liability on such sale is less than the TDS deducted.

    In such a case, the Income Tax Deptt will refund you the excess TDS that has been deducted.
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