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  1. shub2012

    shub2012 New Member

    I purchased a flat worth 80-Lakhs. The TDS on total amount is 80-Thousand. There are 2 buyers and 2 sellers. Thus I will need to fill 4 forms(26QB)
    Till now we paid 30 lakhs to the sellers.

    Total Value of Consideration (Property Value)* - Would my Total value always be 80 lakhs in all 4 forms?
    Amount Paid/Credited - Would my amount paid value always be 20 lakhs in all 4 forms?

    So should buyer fill 4 forms worth Rs 20 lakhs each?
    Should buyer fill 4 forms worth Rs 7.5 lakhs each as we paid only 30Lakhs as of now?

    If we fill 4 forms, would we get 4 TDS certificate for one property? Is that fine?

    Should i pay the TDS on paid amount (30 lakhs) or 80lakhs?
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