TDS Queries in case of Transfer of Job

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  1. Ved Prakash

    Ved Prakash New Member

    I am a Bihar govt officer. Tax is deducted from my salary every month. But in asses. yr. 2013-14 I was transferred from one deptt. to another deptt. and 4 months tax were deducted by the earlier deptt & they informed the later deptt. about it. Present deptt issued the TDS certificate of the total amount. I have filed my return through e-filing. But processing is pending for a long time. I want to see form 26 AS. but it need TDS certificate number. No such no. is mentioned in any ones TDS cert. One of my colleague have been served notice u/s 131(9) to pay 32000 because tax amounting 50045 shown in return not received fully. IF so it is 100% responsibility of the tax deducting officer and he should be summoned why the individual ? What should I do ?
  2. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

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