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  1. jsb

    jsb New Member

    Dear Experts,

    I am a state government employee since last 4 years. Income tax at source (TDS) is being regularly deducted from my monthly salary. The Form 16 is showing the same amount which was issued by deductor.
    The Form26AS which I have downloaded from govt website for last four years showing no transaction under details of tax deducted at source. That means TDS is showing Nil for all four years. Last year I have filed the ITR as per form 16 issued by deductor.
    Now I am getting notice from income tax deptt for unmatched TDS & asking for payment of total TDS with interest which actually deducted from my salary.
    After that, I have sent a letter to deductor with above mentioned discrepancy but they are not responding. then i have telephonic discussion with income tax assessing officer & he has told me that it is deductor's responsibility & told me to write a letter to deductor.

    Please note I have checked my PAN no in Form 26AS & Form 16 which is found to be correct.

    Now my queries are
    1. What should I do to resolve this problem.
    2. Should I file the ITR for prevailing year also. If I do so then again I will get same notice from IT deptt.

    Please guide me.

    Thanks for your help.

    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    I wish to see what was written in the application which was sent to the AO. Mail me the letter.
    You do not need to worry much, it is a nuisance nonetheless.
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