TDS Refund on winning prize in KBC under Sec .194B

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  1. My Friend Won Prize Rupesss 100000 from KBC, He received prize amount(69100) after deducting TDS(U/s 194B) 30.9%,(30900),

    Now He Wanted to take refund TDS(30900) amount,,,, whether he can take refund after filling His ITR ,,, Or Not

    If Yes Or Not

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    Tds on lottary u/s 194b is a special rate @ 30%, this is not refundable even if your income does not exceed maximum income chargable to tax,,,, in your case your friend can take the benefit of rebate of Rs 2000 u/s 87a and claim the refund of Rs 2000+60=2060 approx. as per computation......

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