TDS Return non-filing penalty

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  1. Sanjay Goswami

    Sanjay Goswami New Member

    I am a director of Private Limited Company

    Had applied for TAN number in June 2016

    Got TAN Number in Last Week of July 2016

    Had deducted following payments during F.Y. 2016-17

    Directors Remuneration :

    10-6-16 : 1,00,000(First Director)
    14-6-16 : 1,00,000 (Second Director)
    26-07-16 : 1,00,000 (First Director)
    26-07-16 : 80,000 (Second Director)

    Interest on Loan from Director's Relatives :
    Paid on 13-07-16 for 3 months : 43,200/- (16,000 per month for 3 months after deducting TDS)

    I want to know:
    Amount of TDS with Interest and Penalty please help me today
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