The ICAI’s Mobile Application

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  1. The Institute of Chartered
    Accountants of India (ICAI) identified
    the need of Mobile Application for its
    stakeholders (Members, Students &
    Others). The ICAI’s Mobile Application
    brings you Key up-to-date Contents from
    its website ( like
    Announcement, Events, News,
    Notification, Press Release, Jobs and
    Tender etc. This apps, designed and
    developed for Android, ICAI stakeholder
    may download mobile application and
    start using it without any additional
    cost, anytime, anywhere.
    Key Features
    Push Notifications for any new
    update to Mobile Devices
    Key Announcements, Events, photo
    galleries etc.
    Specially designed to work on
    Android 2.3 and above.
    Read Content offline - just pull/
    Release to refresh with an active
    Search option, Increase/Decrease
    Text Size option.
    Save your Favorite content.
    Share application via email.
    Download from the Google Play
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