Time gap between Articleship & Industrial Training

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  1. Richa Tuli

    Richa Tuli New Member

    If i completed my 2 years of articleship training on 6 sep 2014 and got terminated on the same date ie 6 September by filling form no. 109.

    But i joined my industrial training on 20 October 2014 for 1 year i.e completion date is 19 october 2015.

    For more than 1 month i was looking for an industry

    Will be there any issue?
    My training will be considered valid or not?
    Please Help
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    There won't be any issue with the 1 month delay.

    Your Industrial Training would get be considered as valid and your CA Final Attempt would be May 15
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  3. Bibin

    Bibin New Member

    Industrial training vacancy in Chennai. anybody searching for Industrial training contact
  4. anandkumar

    anandkumar New Member

    yes sir , i am searching for industrial training vacancy at chennai and my email id is [email protected]
  5. Bibin

    Bibin New Member

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