Vinita Taneja

Top 30 Firms in Delhi 2014-01-30

Details of top firms in Delhi

  1. Vinita Taneja

    Vinita Taneja New Member

  2. mayank251

    mayank251 New Member

    wat abt sharma goel & co???
  3. Vinita Taneja

    Vinita Taneja New Member

    Sharma Goel & Co.
    Address 1-

    TEL :91-11-4165

    Address 2-
    c-43, SECTOR-8
    Noida- 201301
    TEL :01204049

    TEL : 91-11-4'1655400
    MOBILE- 981 1 078005
    FAX : 91 -1 20-4049126
    E-mail . [email protected]
  4. Rahul

    Rahul Active Member

    thankyou miss vineeta
  5. Chhaya6varshney

    Chhaya6varshney New Member

    For Articleship which type of firm we should select?
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  6. Lakshay Jindal

    Lakshay Jindal New Member

    Thankyou Vinita eased my work
  7. sandeep rawat

    sandeep rawat Member

    Plz tel me that sharma goel & co. Comes in this list or not ?
    Its not opening on my phone
  8. Inder Verma

    Inder Verma New Member

    miss i m looking for articleship in delhi...pls...provide the mail address and websites where i can forward or attach my cv....for interview
  9. rsingh1986

    rsingh1986 New Member

    This list is current. In outdated lists, many old firms are showing like Ray and Rays. One of my friends working in Ray and Rays in Delhi till 6 months back told me that the working atmosphere and clients there are not like a top class firm. Also, their outstation audits never ends throughout the year. Study leaves are 1.5 months only for CA final. Saturdays too are open.
  10. PraveenProf

    PraveenProf New Member

    Profraternity is also a CA firm in Delhi located in Dwarka. For any services or job related queries, plz call at: +91-8826-221-043
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