Vinita Taneja

Top 30 Firms in Mumbai 2014-01-30

Details of top firms in Mumbai

  1. Vinita Taneja

    Vinita Taneja New Member

  2. ketan Punmiya

    ketan Punmiya New Member

    Ultimate vintage list... This list is 10 years old list
  3. divya

    divya New Member

    Anybody's havin the updated list ??
  4. rsingh1986

    rsingh1986 New Member

    This list is current. In outdated lists, many old firms are showing like Ray and Rays. One of my friends working in Ray and Rays in Delhi till 6 months back told me that the working atmosphere and clients there are not like a top class firm. Also, their outstation audits never ends throughout the year. Study leaves are 1.5 months only for CA final. Saturdays too are open.
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