two Form 16 query

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  1. TVS

    TVS New Member

    I trust the Second Employer must have been given the Tax and Income Computation Data from the First Employer and the Second must have taken into consideration the First in the Computation of Income in TOTAL for Tax purpose...but the TDS (if any) is paid separately....
  2. anil5455

    anil5455 New Member

    Yes..correct. Also I tried to submit it directly on incometaxgov website. But there I don't see any field to declare hra. Because of which taxable income is increasing. Please help. I m eligible for both house loan interest and hra
  3. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    You should download the ITR utility and then file the details.
    for the purpose of arriving at the salary income, you will have to disclose it net of HRA only. It is also specifically mentioned in Instruction sheet that salary should be computed after providing for allowances.
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  4. anil5455

    anil5455 New Member


    I am doing the same. But after removing allowances, its throwing error that income from salary field not matching with sum of income under salary in sch TDS1

    NITINSHARMA30921 New Member

  6. anil5455

    anil5455 New Member

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