Unable to link Aadhaar with ITR due to different name

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  1. RPKumar

    RPKumar New Member

    We cannot make PAN database include our name in abbreviated form.

    I have the same problem as you. My name in PAN database is expanded name and in Aadhar it is abbreviated first name. All my documents, including my PAN CARD has name in abbreviated form.

    We are basically stuck unless the IT dept and the govt. listens and does something about it. There needs to be provision that asks for "name included in Aadhar database". This is the only way we can link our Aadhar with PAN. Otherwise, it is not possible to do so for peeople like us.

    The govt. should think about this problem before making it mandatory to link pan with aadhar.
  2. gkirankumar

    gkirankumar New Member

    Thanks Mr R P Kumar !
    Hope the government does take care of such problems, proactively
  3. Pranalisharma

    Pranalisharma New Member

  4. Roshni Pandey

    Roshni Pandey New Member

  5. Harishi Shetty

    Harishi Shetty New Member

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