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  1. Girish Sahu

    Girish Sahu New Member

    My name is girish sahu my father sold agriculture property ( not comes in nagar nigam or surface of 8 km from nagar nigam) in the year of 2008-09 to builder, moreover builder got raid from income tax , In 2013-14 i received notice from IT whereas they demand for utilisation of income which we received from that builder by selling out land. i hired a CA for presenting our case to IT by giving him all the details of buying new property,house etc. which cost us 35000, matter was closed , last week i again received a notice from IT , which i have uploaded please have a look and suggest me what should i do ?

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  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    If the property really was a rural agricultural land (as you claim it to be), then there should not be much issue in this.
    Notice u/s 148 is issued when officer has reason to believe that income has escaped.
    What were the other information which was submitted by you?
    Share with us the earlier notices and the communication made.
    What was the consideration which was received by you and in which form?

    You can also email me the details at
    [email protected]
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