Urgent help : ITR-2 Form Sehedule TDS1 query

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  1. vikakkar

    vikakkar New Member

    Hi Expert team ,

    I have one confusion about Schedule-TDS1 sheet of ITR-2 where i need to give detail about ** INCOME CHARGEABLE UNDER SALRIES **

    My employer has not given rebate on Rent / HRA benefit.

    Now while filing income tax return , I calculated HRA and detected from my income from salary.

    For Example As per Form 16 my Income from Salary is 7,90,000 but when i exclude HRA from income , Income from salary become 7,10,000.

    My question is when i fill Schedule TDS1 sheet , where i need to give detail of tax deducted at source from Salary, what should i write under column ** INCOME CHARGEABLE UNDER SALRIES ** , the number which is given in From16 ( i.e 7,90,000 ) or new value after HRA detected 7,10,000 .

    One tax expert told to me that i need to give income which was given in Form 16 i.e. 7,90,000 since form 26AS is having this number.

    i am confuse , Please any tax expert advice me what should i write

    Picture of form inclulded

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    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    Amount as in Row 7 in Schedule S.

    That is you Salary after deducting Tax on Employment.

    * Have you consider your other Income like Saving Bank Interest, FD Interest or any other Income also. Bcos Salaried people mostly file ITR as per Form 16 only and don't consider other income and than ITO take your good Test.

    * Also do confirm with Form 26-AS.
  3. vikakkar

    vikakkar New Member


    So it would be 7,90,000 .Am i right
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