When TDS under Section 194H deducted when Total Income is not Taxable?

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  1. vivekdilipagarwal

    vivekdilipagarwal New Member

    A person not being an assessee of Income Tax Act earns commission on sale of certain goods,commission being within the prescribed limit of Rs.5000/-.The company whose products the person sold is deducting TDS @20% on his commission.But since the person is not an assessee and his total income including such commission income is not taxable.i.e.it stays within exemption limits,then why should TDS be deducted??
    pls suggest.
  2. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    You can request the company not to deduct any TDS as the amount paid is below Rs. 5000 and they will not deduct the TDS.
  3. Sanejev

    Sanejev New Member

    I got my form 16 from employer. also I received form 16A TDS Certificate from my builder where I Purchase the apartment. As a referral amount of 30,000 since I referred someone else to purchase one apartment they deducted 3000 under 194H and given certificate. Now where shall I enter the 30000 details in ITR4s while submitting IT return through Income tax india Quick-Efile option.
  4. Yatin Gandhi

    Yatin Gandhi Active Member

    You can disclose this income under head "Income from other sources"
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