whether to invest in NPS or not

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  1. àparna87

    àparna87 New Member

    Investing in NPS is a good option or not,currently paying rs 80000 as tax
  2. Piyush Chawla

    Piyush Chawla Active Member

    Yes, it is a good option to invest in NPS Account.

    It will not only help you in retirement planning but also help you reduce your tax liability
  3. V K Khanna

    V K Khanna Active Member

    I fully agree with @ Piyush Chawla.

    2. Recent changes in the Budget has made NPS a better investment option than other retirement products.

    3.Last year' budget had offered an additional deduction of Rs 50000 for contribution to the NPS. This means that if you are in 30% tax bracket, you could save Rs 15000 more in tax.

    4. This year's Budget has made the deal sweeter by making 40% of maturity corpus tax-free. The Budget also provides the lumpsum amount received by the nominees in the event of death of the subscriber to be tax free in their hands. Another soothing proposal included in this year's Budget relates to provision of no service tax on the premium paid for buying annuity using the NPS corpus.

    5.All these provisions make NPS a better investment option now.
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