Whether we should get exemption on perks on reimbursement of medical expenses?

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  1. tapan das

    tapan das New Member

    Our employer considers medical reimbursement above Rs.15000.00 as medical perquisites. But recently we

    came to know a judgment that Hon’ble Mumbai ITAT has in the case of Mr. Rajkamal R. Bajaj c/s ACIT has

    held that Reimbursement of a medical expense is not perquisite u/s 17(2) of the Act as it is an allowable

    expenses. My query is that shall we get exemption of medical expenses above Rs. 15000.00 from medical

    perquisites now based on this judgment? If yes/no, pl explain in detail.

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    If you received a Medical Reimbursement of Rs. 50,000 /- where Medical Expenses incurred by you is Rs. 60,000 /-. Than in this case Medical Reimbursement received by you is fully Exempt. Subject to Amount paid by Bank and proper bills are maintained.

    In other scenario, if medical expenses incurred by you is only Rs. 40,000 /- or even if you have Bills of Rs. 40,000 /- only as proof... Than the balance Rs. 10,000 /- shall be Taxable in your hand

    Refer: http://taxguru.in/income-tax-case-laws/reimbursement-medical-expense-perquisite-172-act.html
  3. friend i want to know that 50000 is limit for medical allowance
    or if i have every doucement of i done exp so can i get full benifit
    in income tax
  4. D Ghosh

    D Ghosh New Member


    I am a private sector employee. I enjoy a tax exemption on medical bills upto Rs. 15000/- per annum.

    However, my pay-slip shows much more amount of medical-reimbursement. Please let me know if I am eligible for higher amount of tax exemption on medical bills, if I can produce authentic bills.

    My dad is a Retired State Govt. Servant. Can he enjoy the medical reimbursement benefit? if yes, under which section of income tax act? Please explain.

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