Which car loan company to go for?

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  1. Padam Chhabra

    Padam Chhabra New Member

    I am planning to buy a Vitara Brezza top model. The car would be delivered by the end of the July month, so I am planning to get a loan approved earlier. I have visited some banks like ICICI but its really difficult to compare. I have do checked on online portals like Dialabank, they gave me the lowest rate of interest 9.55% from HDFC bank. This was the lowest rate of interest available. Guys, please suggest what to do.
  2. Rohan Madaan

    Rohan Madaan New Member

    My suggestion would be to go for the loan. This is most probably the best rate of interest you can get. Though you should check for the hidden charges too. Some banks provide fixed processing fees. I believe HDFC provide processing fees based on the amount of loan.
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