Which is the most easy to use and all in one accounting software in India?

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    DEEPAKVERMA New Member

    I have use Tally ERP and Busy and they are very complicated. However, I have also used Sleek Billing and online accounts management such as Datamoto which are very easy and user friendly as compared to Tally/Busy/Marg but they are not absolutely complete as they should be.

    Many small helpful things are missing such as PO, Payment receipts, flexibility with stock updates, etc. Is there any software which is complete yet easy and user friendly and shall have all the following modules:

    1. Quotations
    2. Proforma Invoicing
    3. invoicing
    4. Payment acknowledgements/receipts
    5. Adjustable formats for pdf
    6. customizable formats for invoices and tables and logos to be printed.
    7. signature and stamp inputs
    8. Purchase order
    9. text formatting options
    10. HTML style printing
    11. reasonable pricing
    12. etc.
    Please recommend.
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