Which ITR form should I fill?

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  1. Ramesh Nukala

    Ramesh Nukala New Member


    I have the following income other than salary.
    Short-term Capital gain: Rs. 2342
    F&O trading loss Rs. -4057
    F&O trading turnover: Rs. 11354.61
    Interest from Savings Bank accounts: Rs. 6998
    Dividend from equity shares: Rs. 353

    I would like to carry forward F&O trading loss or set off. Could please let me know which ITR form should I fill? Do I require audit on F&O trading turnover?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Use ITR-2,
    If you have not claimed profit u/s 44AD i.e presumptive taxation earlier, then you do not need to get your accounts audited.
  3. Prateek1611

    Prateek1611 New Member

  4. Ramesh Nukala

    Ramesh Nukala New Member

    Thank you very for your information. I learned that the income from F&O trading is considered as normal Business Income.

    As I incurred in loss in F&O trading, could you please let me know where to specify this F&O trading loss in ITR-2 so that I can carry forward for next financial year?
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