which to choose between opc,llp or private company?

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  1. I want to start selling self publish ebooks online globally . for which I have to use PayPal as payment gateway(payment method) for international buyers (outside India) and for Indian buyers paytm wallet. So
    1. which should I start between opc,llp and private company.?
    2. Will I have to register import export code ?
    3. Will I have to register for service tax (service tax registration)?
    4. Register vat and CST ?
    And what else do I need to complete the whole procedure to sell ebooks internationally with PayPal ? Does anyone have answer ?
  2. Does anyone know something here, or there is no CA here ...
  3. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    1. You can start with any form of organisation ie LLP or Company or OPC. You can even start with proprietorship or partnership which are much easier to start with
    2. It is not mandatory for you to apply for IEC Code
    3. Service Tax is exempted in case of export of service.
    4. VAT and CST also would not be applicable on sale of e-books.
    Sir, that means I have no need of vat/CST or service tax registration.

    At the time of income tax filing PayPal transactions are enough for
    1. Service tax exemption ?

    2.source/proof of income?
    Or I need something else also ?

    And can i sell ebooks online ( without any form of organisation) as individual and use my personal saving bank account .....and file itr as individual .

    Thanks sir.
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