Why choose IPFC for CPA training?

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    CPA pass rate in India is 34.9% much below Mid East (average 44%) and US/UK (above 50%).

    Indian institutes long known for teaching CPA could not pull up the pass rate. They also teach CMA but perform one-third of IPFC CMA pass rate. Indian CMA pass rate is 20% and IPFC performs a 45.4% pass rate.

    IPFC - The only hope for Indians, Asians and Africans for CPA and CMA.


    CMA US exams are tougher than CPA after recent syllabus changes. Therefore, an institute that performs 3 times to the other players in CMA in India and Mideast would definitely do better than others in the CPA exam too.

    IPFC pass rate is no magic. We passionately train students and make them take the exam very fast. IPFC's strength is in its training quality and mentoring, motivating students to complete the course fast with great results.

    CPA exam has to be completed within 18 months of first exam taking. Students who delay taking their exams normally dropout in the future.

    In the 2 part CMA exam, the worldwide average time taken for a student to pass is 2.5 years whereas IPFC students pass it in an average time of 1 year. We cover the entire syllabus for a part in 4 months time and forbid the students spend time trying to read the books and apply his/her own process.

    Book-independent study with the best pass rate creator institute:

    The brief 'class notes' and excel sheets used in the class are adequate materials for study. IPFC students on an average does not read more than 50 pages of text book per part. Yet they post the best results. IPFC's coverage in the class is so vast that 90%+ of the exam questions can be answered from class lectures.

    Plus, IPFC provides UNLIMITED class hours till the students clear exams without EXTRA payment.

    We are with you with the best support in your CPA journey. Feel free to reach us through mail/call/watsapp.

    Contact: +919441412607, [email protected]
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