Wrong TDS deduction (perquisite) by employer

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  1. Abin Jose

    Abin Jose New Member

    Dear Sir,

    I am employed by a PSU. In the current FY, I had been transferred from location A to location B.

    In location A I had taken a lease rental accommodation for which the employer was paying the rental and they had added the rental paid to the perquisite values for TDS deduction. However in between I had been transferred to location B, where I had taken a rented house on my own and I pay the rent.

    However due to the lacuna from our administration my Form 16 is showing the perquisite amount for the lease rental for the full period. When this was brought to the notice of the authority they refused to revise my form 16 stating that on the perquisite employer also pay tax, however any refund is allowed through Form 16 the employers contribution will also get refunded to me and they cant allow it.

    My concern is the employer is showing an excess perquisite amount in form 12 B(12 months of lease rental paid), where such a perquisite is not given to me for 12 months but only for 8 months actually and refuses to correct the same with factual amount.

    In such a scenario kindly advise what can I do.

  2. eramitgoyal

    eramitgoyal New Member

    Hi Abin,

    I have the same issue. Were you able to get any solution to this? Can you please email me at [email protected]?

  3. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Kindly maintain the proof of payment and the rent receipts paid by you. While filing your return, do your own computation considering the actual amount of perquisite. There can be errors in form 16, but it is your own return in which you make declaration of the income. ITR should be accurate regardless of the value appearing in form 16.

    Instruction sheet, released every year always tell to

    "Fill the details of salary/ pension as given in TDS certificate (Form 16) issued by the employer. However, if the income has not been computed correctly in Form No.16, please make the correct computation and fill the same in this item. Further, in case there was more than one employer during the year, please furnish in this item the details in respect of total salaries from various employers"
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